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[ profile] shinjuki71 translated the letter Tsunoda Narumi sent me. It makes me happy to read it.

The Letter )
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OMG! Do you remember the post I made back it April writing to Tsunoda Narumi? She wrote back! She included a letter written in Japanese and a version of it translated by a computer. It's a bit had to understand, so I think I may ask [ profile] shinjuki71 to help me with it.

She loved the picture I drew of Star Maker and Ijuuin Rei. And while looking at the website I created for her, she was surprised how large the performance section was since she had forgotten all about several of the roles. :)

She says that the fact that some people like the sound of her voice brings her encouragement.

Once I have a better translation, I'll post it here and on the website. She also sent me an autograph and I'll take a picture of that as well. I can only imagine this is the same feeling almost everyone else on my friends list gets about Elijah Wood. ;)

ETA: I have to agree with [ profile] gallo_de_pelea that Mark Knopfler-voiced Jet Black is now one of my favorite things.
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Even though I've only read about half of the first Harry Potter book, I went along with [ profile] shinjuki71 to three different bookstores on Friday night to see the festivities. We went the the Borders in Beaverton, the to the Powells downtown, only to realize that they still closed at 11 pm. A small part of the store would open at 12:01 am to sell the book, so the whole street behind Powells was closed because it was filled with people. Then we went to the Borders downtown since it was open til one and read books there until closing. The Max had stopped running by then so we spent the rest of the night at the Pita Pit and then at Starbucks.

When we got back to her house, I slept about two hours and was off the the Highland Games. I don't quite remember quite all that went on for the rest of the weekend. I stayed up until 3:45 am Monday night to finish homework due the next day. By the time I was able to get on LJ last night, LJ was down. There are plenty of details I've probably forgotten, but I'm too tired to remember. Only three and a half weeks of class left...

How's everyone doing here?

ETA: Thank you [ profile] slipperieslope for the v-gift. :)
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I haven't had nearly as much time on the computer as I once did. Between two job and work, things have been hectic (all except for last Tuesday when I was putting off doing homework...). I might have had some time last Thursday, but while reading the Willamette Weekly I found out a movie that I had been waiting to see was playing at the Portland Art Museum... for one night only. I cleared everything else I might have done that day and went to go see it, along with my younger sister.

Are any of you familiar with Satoshi Kon? He was the director for Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Paranoia Agent, and now most recently Paprika. It's an anime movie based on Yasutaka Tsutsui's 1993 novel Paprika, about a female detective who investigates criminal cases by entering the dreams of her subjects. I haven't seen many of his films, but I and my sister had been a fan of Paranoia Agent ever since it came to the USA (except for the ending...). It's the dark and creepy with some comedy that I find most interesting. When I first saw the trailer for Paprika in the theater, the music caught me first and when I saw the main character jumping over a fence only to have it dissolve into reality where she's in actuality about to jump off a balcony from a 10 story building, at that moment I knew I had to see the movie. My sisters reaction was the same. :P

This movie obviously isn't for everyone. Within the first ten minutes of the film someone has used one of the DC-MINIs to get into one of the doctors brains, he hallucinates while he's awake, and runs out of a two story building window to the ground below. It sucked me in the same way the first eerie 5 minutes of Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence did. However there is also a lot of humor in the movie, not just the cameos to famous anime that are sprinkled here and there. There are many laugh out loud scenes. I would say anyone who's enjoyed Satoshi Kon's work in the past would enjoy this movie. It won't come out to theaters til June, so you all have time to think on it.

Back to work at the bookstore. I'll try to find time to update on my life later.
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Here I am, getting my homework done at the last minute before class starts, when I came across this at

The Mithril molecule:

I wonder if my teacher will let me do my project on that...
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Sorry I haven't updated in a while. They've kept me at the bookstore, so now my days are quite busy. Between house cleaning, bookstore, school and volunteering at the Red Cross I don't seem to have much time anymore. This weekend was also busy, but in a good way.

The Weekend )

Thank you so much [ profile] addie71, [ profile] aina_baggins, [ profile] ancalime8301, [ profile] anwise_gamgee, [ profile] belleferret, [ profile] cali_se, [ profile] carolina30363, [ profile] changetje, [ profile] easterlily41482, [ profile] frolijah_fan_54, [ profile] gini_baggins, [ profile] honeyandvinegar, [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l, [ profile] keye, [ profile] lilybaggins, [ profile] luthien23, [ profile] melanieathene, [ profile] melyanna_65, [ profile] mews1945, [ profile] mr_utopia_man, [ profile] nolyana, [ profile] plastictown, [ profile] primula_baggins, [ profile] rabidsamfan, [ profile] sayhello, [ profile] shinjuki71, [ profile] siouxieq, [ profile] smaugs_mommy, [ profile] slipperieslope, [ profile] starlit_woods, [ profile] starrdust411, [ profile] summershobbit, [ profile] terwashere, [ profile] verangel, and [ profile] witmanfade for your birthday wishes. :)
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I got a second job at the campus book store, so things are a bit busier as of late. And my e-mail is now working. Thank goodness.

While cleaning some of my room over spring break I came across a letter that I had written to my favorite voice actor, Tsunoda Narumi, almost 5 years ago. I have an address to send it to now, but I spent the longest time putting it off. I actually first came across the letter six months ago. Then I needed to make sure my web page was all updated. I finished most of it and then became distracted. Now that I've come across it again I've finished (for the most part) updating the site, and yet for some reason I've put it off. Perhaps I'm worried she'll never get in amongst all the other mail she gets.

Then I remember talking to [ profile] ssfseiyakou a while back about voices actors and she said how lucky it was I had a few sound files of what she sounded like in normal conversation. She had hoped to someday meet her favorite voice actor Niiyama Shiho, but all she could hope to do now is put flowers on her grave. (You may have said this slightly different, but it's been 5-6 years since we talked about it.) Life can be so short. We never expected her to pass away when she was 29. I'm not saying I think Tsunoda-san will pass away anytime soon, but I guess there's no time like the present to send the letter to her. In another year she could change companies and I would have no address to send a letter to. I think I shall send it. I can only hope it reaches her.

Need to get off the computer and sleep before class starts. This 15 hour day at school is starting to get to me.
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I was just getting used to my gmail account when this happened Friday:

502 Server Error

We're sorry, but Gmail is temporarily unavailable. We're currently working to fix the problem -- please try logging in to your account in a few minutes.

It's been 48 hours now. I've tried different computers in different locations with different browsers, but I still get the same problem. So I don't know when I'll get my e-mail back.
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Today in Chemistry Lab we were using different method for testing the presence of Hydrogen. My favorite part of this lab in the past had always been adding a piece of sodium to water and watch it zip around the container. However, since the sodium from our lab was missing, we got to watch a video called Disposal of Sodium, 1947. Basically they chucked barrels of unused sodium from the war into a lake and watched it explode.

Since we were on the topic of explosions, my lab teacher decided to show us the infamous Exploding Whale video as well.

After that we got on to the topic of how you would dispose of a dead whale.

Student 1: What about whales that die at aquariums? They must have some sort of procedure set in place.
Teacher: With something that died that fresh, you should just be able to fire up the grills and have a barbecue.
Student 1: You can't just eat an animal that's died of natural causes!
Teacher: Why not?
Student 2: Because murder makes it taste better.
Teacher: What about apples? They fall of the trees.
Student 2: Most people pick them off.
Teacher: You can still eat them when they hit the ground.
Student 2: But they wouldn't be as tasty.

So in case anyone was wondering: murder makes things tasty.

ETA: I'm the #12 combiner at LibraryThing. I'm going for the high score...
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Merry Christmas!

Things went well this year. Everyone seemed happy with their gifts. One of my most entertaining ones was from [ profile] mr_utopia_man: Black Death, Ebola, and E. coli. :)

Stanley and Zena enjoyed their gifts as well. In fact, Stanley got into them early. I bought both kitties cat nip mouses from the Saturday Market at Skidmore Fountain. They said they were guaranteed to get a response out of my cats or my money back. A few days ago I found one of the cat nip mouses in the living room, devoid of it packaging. In the next room I found a shredded grocery bag and the shredded packaging of the cat nip toy. I hid them again, only for Stanley to find them and rip the other cat nip package to shreds. -.-

I gave both kitties their toys lat night. Stanley rapped himself around his, trying to rip it apart, while Zena rolled and rubbed her head on hers. She then lay in a drug induced stupor for some time.

I hope everyone is having a nice time during these holidays.

Thank you [ profile] siouxieq for your card. I received it on Friday. :)
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A Merry Yule to everyone who celebrates it.

As the years have gone by, and Christmas is shoved in our face from every possible direction, there have come to be a few Christmas specials that we watch every year. I'm curious if others have any favorites that they get in the habit of watching if it happens to be on. We have some of the usuals such as The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and A Charlie Brown Christmas, but we also have a few usuals that have snuck in.

Here are a few that people may not be very aware of:

  • Santa Claus
    more )

  • The Invader Zim Christmas special
    quotes and clips )

  • The Boondocks Christmas special
    quotes and clips )

  • The Amazing Dancing Christmas Stick
    more )

    What are your favorite Christmas specials?

    BTW, [ profile] honeyandvinegar, [ profile] elanor_isolda, and [ profile] frodosweetstuff, I received your cards. Thank you so very much! I also received two different cards from Celga. I guess that's a good sign that I spent too much there this year...
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    Anyone in Beaverton take a look outside the last few hours? It's insane!

    I heard earlier today that there was going to be a big storm, but that usually means it's bad on the coast and the news channel has nothing better to hype about. It's been dumping buckets of rain for the past week, which is nothing new, but combined with the 50-70mph winds that are happening inland is having an interesting effect on the trees on our street.

    We heard the first crash two hours ago. Luckily the tree came down in the middle of the street, the only problem causing a road block. Another came down an hour later much farther up our block, but I didn't bother to look.

    About 20 minutes ago we heard a very large crash and what sounded like breaking glass. Three houses up the street two tree had come down in their yard, one taking out there whole deck and smashing in window, while the other is just leaning against the house for now. The roots of one of the trees reached the second story of the house. A fire truck came, but the tree still in the road is blocking them.

    Three homes have been evacuated and most have lost power. This has been quite an interesting night.
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    [ profile] terwashere and [ profile] witmanfade are engaged! Congratulations you guys! You two are the first of my friends to get married. Please tell us when your wedding is. I guess now [ profile] terwashere you won't need a fake ring for your work.

    I have a feeling [ profile] mr_utopia_man and [ profile] nanao will be following suit in the next few years.

    In other news, Zena and Stanley have been a lot of fun. No real fighting, but Stanley has been annoying her. Last night while she was sleeping on a rocking chair, Stanley crept up to her quietly and bopped her on the head. She just gave him a dirty look. Zena has turned out to have quite a big personality. Today she got up on the night stand and started attacking different things. I took them away from her, telling her she couldn't have them. Zena then looked me straight in the eye and swatted a pen off the table as if to say, "You can't tell me what I can do."

    I found a couple more book today to add to my LibraryThing account, bringing my total to 666 books...

    Three more days on my auction... *waits impatiently for people to bid*


    Nov. 24th, 2006 01:45 pm
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    I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving. I finally finished my paper on Grey Tuesday which made the day that much better. I have to work again tomorrow, so I'm trying to enjoy today as much as I can...

    I finished all my Christmas shopping! Everything is bought and wrapped. The last thing I have to finish is Christmas cards. Since I never have much to say in them, I'm taking the time to try and decorate the insides. I'll be sending them out some time after the 1st of December, so if you want one, please e-mail me.

    I've decided to try and sell all my doujinshi in one big auction. If that doesn't work, I'll sell them in smaller groups, but I just want to get them out of here...

    And last, but not least, we have a new addition to our family. On Saturday we got a seven and a half year old tortishell kitty from the pound. Her name is 'Zena'. Hopefully I'll be able to put pictures of her up here soon.

    ETA: Here are some pictures:

    Meet Zena )


    Nov. 1st, 2006 01:36 pm
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    I'm still sick, but I had a fun Halloween. [ profile] mr_utopia_man came over and we watched a bunch of random stuff from the Halloween episode of The Office to the Boondocks. Now whenever I see the McDonald's boneless rib sandwich I think of Martin Luther King Jr...

    I haven't carved a pumpkin in a few years, so I decided to start out small. )

    I'd also like to take this time to ask who would like a Christmas card from me. I've already started Christmas shopping and I'd like to get all the cards I need ready before the holiday season becomes hectic. If you'd like to receive one, please send my your address here: akaiko [at] (I'll send you mine as well if you want it.)
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    For all the math and sudoku lovers on my list, I bring you todays FoxTrot comic:

    If you're having trouble with the math, click here. )


    Sep. 28th, 2006 07:51 pm
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    Things have been a bit crazy lately. I can't remember that last time I was so busy. I filled in at my moms preschool on Wednesday, while trying to avoid any people higher up because I've been too blunt with them lately, and it looks like I'll need to do the same tomorrow. Night school also started Wednesday, making my day finally end and 11:00-11:30PM. Today I spent most of my day at the Red Cross and spent the rest cleaning the house for a get together tonight (my dad turns 40 today). The rest of my time tomorrow that isn't spent at preschool will be devoted to filling out applications and finishing up homework. And to think I wanted to have more to do...

    I just opened my e-mail a few minutes ago to find [ profile] honeyandvinegar has given me a six months paid account. Thank you so much! I'm sorry I won't be on here as much to make good use of it. Everything seems to have hit me all at once...
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    My life has become eventful again! Now that I have more time on my hands, I'm out doing things instead of being glued to the computer. Tonight was a bit more eventful that I had hoped, but oh well.

    My sister [info]gazproffesser often babysits up the street for two little kids, three and five years old. Today there parents were going to a concert with some friends and so they had two more kids to add to the mix, two and three years old. Being a bit much for my sister, I offered to go along with her to help.

    Things were going along well for most of the night my sister went to go make dinner and I stayed down stairs with a few of the kids. Suddenly my sister calls for me to come up stairs. The two year old had just downed a container of extra strength Tylenol she found in the backpack her parents had sent her over with. We made her spit most of it up and started calling her parents, which could not be reached, our parents and 911. Soon our parents and a squad of eight paramedics were in the house and taking her off to the hospital.

    [info]gazproffesser and I spent the next hour or so feeding the kids, watching a movie, one of the three year-olds wetting herself and having to be changed until my parents came back from the hospital. The little girl is fine. She did spit all of them out. It was just an interesting evening.
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    Arthur Millar
    1989.05.15 - 2005.12.29

    We will miss our sweet kitty )

    ETA: Thank you everyone for your kind words. I'll try to reply to them later, but I can't bring myself to at the moment. Arthur was my best friend since I was three years old and it may be awhile before things become normal here on LJ again.

    If any of you LOTR people have happy or reunion fics you can rec, I'd be very appreciative...
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