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All the activity in [ profile] turimel's journal in this past week has had myself looking to see what people from the fandom are left on LJ. Not that I would want to be active in a fandom, but it would be nice to see the people again. I really wish I had started looking back a year ago, before [ profile] slipperieslope left us. Sometimes it's hard to stay in contact with others when your interests begin to deviate so greatly.

I'm back in school full time, still trying to finish my bachelor's degree. I've also finally moved into a sleeper room on campus just to avoid the long commute from the suburbs everyday on public transit. I'm lucky that I live on a floor that has a lot of other people in their mid twenties to early thirties and everyone is friendly and talkative. This has forced me to be more social and I've started to carve out my own niche within the community.

If anyone is still around and reading this, I would love to catch up. I have neglected this place for so long that my journal appears abandoned. I'm going to try and work on this and we'll see what comes of it.
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Only three more weeks left of the term. Finishing up my second to last paper right now, but I find myself coming up with many distractions. A Dream Within a Dream is pretty good, but this one is my favorite:

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I realize I haven't posted much about anything recently and that's not going to change tonight. Just a few things:

  • Currently on the border of A/B in Biology classes. Over 50% of the students are failing, so it's hard to do better.
  • Just finished a paper for a proposed socio-ecological model of sugar effects in the American population. It took one month of research, over 70 references.
  • Changed minor in Public Health to a double major with Microbiology.
  • The more research I do, the more it looks like my adrenal glands have been damaged. Trying to get into a doctor.
  • For everyone in RL I haven't talked to recently, I had a legal name change back in July to the one I've been going by for 10 years.

    Also, Colbert made me feel better about the elections by putting everything into perspective.

    The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
    Indecision 2010 - Sign Off - Election to End All Elections
    Colbert Report Full Episodes2010 ElectionMarch to Keep Fear Alive
  • Web 1.0

    Sep. 26th, 2010 02:35 pm
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    I saw The Social Network on Thursday night. A very interesting movie (even though I never use Facebook). It was a fairly accurate representation of what was going on at the time, but it really got me thinking of the past and how everything now is so different from Web 1.0. I grew up with the internet, and was using it as early as 1993. I remember it as a time where you made your own websites, tried to bring useful information to the table, and were taught to keep your identity a secret. There were so many different search engines to choose from that used different algorithms so search censorship had yet to become an issue. I did switch over to a blog right at the beginning of Web 2.0, but LJ has fallen out of favor with networking sites which aggregate everything onto one page. I'm used to trying to write out a few paragraphs, not one or two sentences to mesh in with the general public. I'm used to having so many choices in how to search for something and not have it tailored to try and think for me and decide what would be in my best interest.

    I think Terry Flew described the change between 1.0 to 2.0 very accurately:
    "move from personal websites to blogs and blog site aggregation, from publishing to participation, from web content as the outcome of large up-front investment to an ongoing and interactive process, and from content management systems to links based on tagging (folksonomy)"

    The most curious change with all of this is I used to save everything I came across obsessively because it was uncertain how long it would be available to view. Now many sites have features that anyone can edit content and I have excepted the fact that information on the web is in a constantly ebb and flow. As such, I never bother to save anything anything anymore and I have moved back to relying more on physical media as a source of information. Now I use the web to figure out a good starting point and also to track down said physical media.

    Many good things have come out of 2.0 and I can find books faster than I ever could before.

    But my mind is still stuck in 1998.
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    I just looked at my journal and realized it had been about a month and a half, so I should probably right something.

    Much of my time has been spent at the theater, putting out fires as I've become the resident expert in how to make the machines work. I have learned so much that I can answer just about any question, even the most obscure. As one coworker remarked as I finished answering a question of how classic supersavers work, where to buy them, and what the best way to use them to get the most bang for his buck, "You know so much. Why the hell are you still here?" Yeah...

    I've also spent some time watching movies, usually something I end up doing when I'm sent home early. I'm always looking for new movies that might actually be intellectually stimulating, or at least vaguely interesting. However, these are not usually shown at my theater.

    I tend to compare notes with two people who share my similar tastes. One is one of our retired regulars who comes in several times a week. He prefers the art house films and we mostly talk about what we're looking forward to coming out at the Fox Tower theater. The other is my manager Cory. We share similar tastes in just about everything, for intellectual films, to particular actions films, to just plain bad films. I recently told him Oldboy was going to be playing on the big screen at the PAM, to which his reply was, "Oh, shit! When?"

    I've ended up seeing quite a few good ones, including a 35 mm print of 8 1/2 and Micmacs. When I asked Cory what he was looking forward to this summer, as most of it looks awful, he said Inception. I have to admit, after seeing the trailer I'm pretty excited to see it. And I'm considering seeing it at our only IMAX theater in the area. Mind you, this is not a true IMAX, and they project it onto a 30 ft screen. That's not any bigger than the screens at the theater I work at, and the standard IMAX screen is usually 60 ft. The reason I want to see it in IMAX format is for the sound. The trailer sounds amazing, but there's a lot of base that you can tell is being cut off, which doesn't happen in IMAX format. I noticed the same thing with the Tron trailers. The place it came out clearest was in IMAX. If you haven't seen the trailer for Inception, I would recommend it. ([ profile] madmarty, I think this is a movie you would like to see.)
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    Finals week is about to start. I'll be busy with tests and then figuring out PSU stuff. In the mean time, here's a small time waster.

    I've had pretty good luck in the past of picking series to read/watch that eventually get licensed. Chi's Sweet Home was a no brainer. With comics like What's Michael, I'm surprised this one wasn't picked up sooner. Zetsubou Sensei, as odd as it is, is very popular, so it wasn't too surprising. Moyashimon was really out of left field. Even though they keep pushing back release dates, as long as they eventually get released, I'm still happy. The next thing I want licensed is Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku.

    So as I've told [ profile] mr_utopia_man, this series is awesome. As I saw someone put it recently: "This is one of the reasons I love manga: Because sometimes you just want to watch Koizumi, Putin, Bush Sr., Tymoshenko and the Pope playing Mahjong to decide the fate of the world against the lunar Nazi Empire."

    I remember first seeing it over a year ago when Canned Dogs wrote a small entry on it. I've since bought the comics and tried to slowly read through them. Derpscans has been a big help translating most of the books. And now they've released a series of short OVAs.

    The first two have been translated: Part 1 Part 2
    The third has yet to be translated, but I'll leave you with a few opening images of Papa Bush and Bush Jr.

    Bush JrPapa Bush

    ETA: Part 3 is up!
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    The first half of my evening consisted of me finally looking at the peer review of my E. coli paper for biology to make corrections on it (it is, of course, due tomorrow). Most of the corrections they gave me made very little sense. One was concerned that I hadn't cited any sources in one particular section: my abstract. It's a summary of the paper. It is generally frowned upon to make it any bigger than it has to be. Others mentioned incorrect formatting, however it was all for stuff that was in APA style 5 years ago. I have updated mine, while most of the class forgot to. There was one particular problem pointed out to me that was very helpful. I somehow forgot to include a hypothesis. I never had one to begin with so I made up some BS and added it in reusing one of my sources as evidence.

    The other half of the evening consisted of this: Why I Believe Printers Were Sent From Hell To Make Us Miserable
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    I finally almost done with stuff for the holidays. I've sent off packages, wrapped everything and handed out just about everything I had to give and went way over budget. It's been really good to have a break from school, of course just about all my time has been taken up by various things that have come up, mostly extra shifts at work. But I'm also had some time to try and bring back my old website (it's almost there) and to catch up with movie watching at the theater.

    I started the break off visiting the Avelon theater in SE Portland. It's only $2.50 a ticket and I figured that was worth it enough to see Ponyo one last time before it left theaters. I also visited Cinemagic for the first time in seven years to watch A Serious Man. I can't believe it took me two months to get around to seeing it, but it was worth paying for.

    I've also managed to fit in the following: Precious, The Road, Good Hair, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Ninja Assassin, Invictus, Brothers, RiffTrax Christmas Shorts, A Christmas Carol 3D, The Princess and the Frog, Avatar 3D, 2012, and The Blind Side. Those last three I managed to watch in one sitting, finally finishing off everything on my list. And for those who are curious, Avatar's story line is nothing really to talk about but I haven't seen such amazing visuals since the LOTR trilogy.

    Not much is going on for Christmas here. I'll most likely be working non stop starting Wednesday, but I'll have the night of the 24th off so I might be able to drop off [ profile] shinjuki71's gift at her house. The rest of the holidays will be spent with my family at the movie theater.

    And now, The Happiest Chair In The World:

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    Someone brought a whole bunch of books today to the campus, most of them only one dollar. I picked up a few oddities, including some medical books from the turn of the century. I had just finished adding General Surgery by J. B. Murphy into librarything and went to the author page to see if any other books had been added. It turns out on other person had the same book as me. I went to add them together and looked up the other persons library, only to find out it was me. I now have the same obscure book in a different edition, only six years apart.

    [ profile] semyaza, you have four times as many books as me. Does this happen to you often?
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    Proof that I have been reading when I find a few extra minutes of time.

    Sorry [ profile] madmarty, there will not be a midnight of 9 tonight at my theater, or anywhere in the Portland area for that matter. Midnights tend to fall out of style once the school year starts up again. Have fun on your trip.

    I hope you had fun at Kumori-con, [ profile] blackjackrocket! I'm sorry I didn't go, but it really ended up being for the best. I went to the doctor soon after talking to you and it seems that my cold had turned into pneumonia. I'm also glad I'm not working for you, [ profile] terwashere, this week as it sounds like I would have just added to your burden. Sorry to hear about your car, [ profile] witmanfade. I don't really like to bike in the rain either.

    Yay [ profile] mr_utopia_man for finding an apartment and job! Hope to hear from you again when life settles down. Hope the first week of school was a good one for you, [ profile] nanao.

    I'm glad to hear it's started to cool down in Sapporo, [ profile] shinjuki71. And I'm sorry to hear the work load is still pretty bad. Hopefully the roommate and boyfriend are helping you ease your mind a bit.

    As for me, I've spent the last week in a sick daze, drugged up on Hydrocodone. I've seen a few interesting movies in the past few weeks, other than the ones on my trip. These consist mainly of Evangelion 1.0, Taxidermia, and Thirst. Evangelion was neat to see on the big screen, Taxidermia was fascinating and horrifying all at the same time, and Thirst's second half descended into an uncontrollable chaos similar to the end of Edward Scissor Hards except this was much more outlandish and harder to believe. On a side note, when I went to go see Evangelion 1.0 at Living Room Theaters, they had [ profile] cessen's Big Buck Bunny on as a sort of pre show to test out the theater system. It was pretty awesome to see it on the big screen.

    I'm working through my reading list and just finished The Summer of the Ubume. I really liked it and will most likely buy anything else of his that is translated here. I also caved and bought a DVD of the Mouryou no Hako anime by the same author. His stories are just so good.

    Well, it's early, but I'm off to bed.
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    Just checking back in before I forget anything that's been happening in the last few days. I've been in California for the past week and I'll be heading back tomorrow. This trip started out as just to visit family but eventually evolved into getting to visit two of the three Japantowns of California. I've become very aquatied with Caltrain, VTA, and SF Muni transit systems as is the best way to make it between all these cities on the coast.

    Tuesday I spent some of the day in San Jose Japantown, which is mostly a residential district, so there wasn't much to do other than look at the houses and the outside of the temples. There were a few shops, but quite a few weren't open yet. I ended up eating food from the Nijiya Market since it was cheep and had plenty of onigiri in stock. Even their yakisoba tastes good cold. The rest of the day a spent riding around on VTA and getting off at random places. I stopped by several theaters, but most of them didn't open til 4-7pm, so I decided to pass.

    Thursday was the most interesting, finally reaching San Francisco Japantown. By this point I was very comfortable using Caltrain, having used it almost every day to get around. The SF Muni transit website was very complicated, so I ended up using google maps to figure out buses in down town San Francisco. I do like that they come so often in the morning and many run 24 hours a day.

    The New People World building that just opened two weeks ago was closed for repairs, so I spent most of the day the in the other mall buildings on Post street. It was interesting that just about every place to eat there was a formal sit down restaurant. I ended up choosing what looked like the least formal of the bunch, On the Bridge. It was located on the sky bridge between the Kintetsu building and Kinokuniya building. There were walls of manga to read, Miyazaki on three different screens, and several mountains of plushies in different corners. They had a variety of soju drinks combined with calpis and soda which seem to go very well with Japanese food. The vegetable curry I had was amazing, so it didn't really matter that my whole lunch ended up coming to about $20. I also went and saw a mid day show and the Kabuki Sundance theater next door. It's the first cinema theater I've been to where you have assigned seat and the price is adjusted accordingly. There was almost no one in there on a Thursday afternoon so we just sat where we wanted.

    Friday was spent at the Viz building. I spent about a half hour looking around. A big chunk of the building was devoted to fashion, which I'm not at all interested in. The Superfrog gallery was interesting, albeit small, and the mezzanine had a nice gift shop, but much of it was very over priced. However, that really wasn't out of the ordinary for the store. My main reason for going was to visit the theater, the only one of it's kind in the United States dedicated solely to Japanese cinema, or so I'm told. The only thing really playing there that week was the 20th Century Boys trilogy, so I decided to see all three. The third one was having a world premiere there the same day it was opening in Japan and I figured I wouldn't have another chance to go to something like that anytime soon. Only about 40 people showed up for the first show. It was lots of fun, and the story was interesting enough that I might eventually have to read the series. I still have yet to read Monster by the same author...

    The new people building had very interesting interior designs throughout. The whole place was decorated with various artists art painted right onto the walls. I found the theater the most interesting. For lighting, the sides and ceiling were covered in what looked like hundreds of full spectrum fluorescent lights, all different lengths with very little rooms in between each. However, only about 10% of them were lit up. It gave a curious impression that out of the corner of your eye it seemed like the room was covered in black drapes with a little bit of sunlight peaking through the cracks. The biggest flaw in the room was the floor light were much too bright during the actual movie, so you had to sit closer to the front to get away from them.

    Even with everything I'd seen, I still prefer living in Portland. Because of the Urban Growth Boundaries, there is less urban sprawl so it takes less time to get to places, and I only need one transit pass to get everywhere. The Kinokuniya near by in Beaverton, though the building is small and cramped, has just as much stuff as the San Francisco one. I also looked at the different cinemas there and it seems like I have even more variety and choice here in Portland than I did there. The new Living Room Theaters helps out in the vast variety. The main thing we don't have is the new Viz theater, but I think I can live without it. I have plenty to watch here already.
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    Two oddest things on the back of debit cards today:

    PIN: 4382

    Rock the Holocene

    Things are pretty slow as usual. Only one week left of class and then a whole month off. I'm going to spend about a week of that in California as my first vacation in three years. I'm still figuring out what I'll be spending most of my time doing, but one day will be spent in San Francisco Japan Town and another visiting various small theaters.

    Haven't been online much lately. One problem was it seemed like our Mac's motherboard, or at least the device controller, had fried. It was likely given symptoms, but in actuality the boot disk and the hard drive were found to be both dead at once. The ordeal did get me to use Ubuntu more on our Linux machine, only to find we have a cruddy sound card built in to the new system.
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    "This isn't like plans one through eight. This is plan nine, the one that worked! The worst movie ever made!"

    My theater is running a Mystery Science Theater 3000 of Plan 9 from Outer Space on Thursday August 20. Normally it costs $12.50 to go, but if you would like to go with me, I can get you in for 50 cents each. Anyone who would like to go, let me know soon as tickets are already selling down.


    Apr. 24th, 2009 10:00 pm
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    I've been watching morning cartoons live on TV Tokyo at 3pm. An interesting addition to the morning is teaching kids a new English sentence each day. I first paid attention to it when the girl on the show was teaching kids to say, "How will you be spending you return?" on tax day. Since then all the ones I've managed to catch have been phrases I wouldn't think of teaching to a small child.

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    Finals are over. I'm done with Japanese for now as I've finished all I need for my degree. Yes, it would be fun to take more, but I can't really afford it. At least I finished this term with an A.

    I also found out this week that apparently the epidemiology program that was supposed to exist at PSU actually doesn't. Figures it's only a graduate program. So I contacted an epidemiologist that works at PSU and got some advice on what I should be taking there that would be good for the graduate program. Looks like I have a lot of Biology ahead of me. Good thing I put off Biology and Geology as my final classes to take at PCC. Biology will be fresh in mind.
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    I have learned a new word in Japanese class that I felt I had to share. I didn't believe it when our teacher first told us.

    デニる "deniru"
    translation: to eat at Denny's

    I had no idea Denny's was so big in Japan that going there required it's own verb. That makes me feel kind of queasy...
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    I know [ profile] hydrargyrum will be checking up on this journal soon, so I'd better update. The term is almost over! One more day of learning on Monday then it's just Two review days a Midterm and a Final. And time to finish everything in ceramics.

    Speaking of which, that class has been going well. I think my favorite thing I've made this term is a container in the shape of Saccharomyces cerevisiae from moyashimon.

    Saccharomyces cerevisiae

    I've also found a place downtown that sells those GIANTmicrobes (Powells Technical books). I felt compelled to buy Yeast, Mad Cow, and Lyme Disease. So along with the Common Cold [ profile] nanao gave me for Christmas, this brings my total up to 11 that reside on my manga bookshelf.
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    Been busy with school and work. One of the nice things about this job is that if I happen to have free time I can go see a movie for free. I've seen quite a few recently, maybe about two a week (as opposed to two or three every year before I started working here). The best I've seen yet, and have even seen twice, is There Will Be Blood. When I first heard the title I thought it was going to be terrible. But then I heard what it was about and then I saw the trailer and then found out it was based on Upton Sinclair's novel Oil! I decided it might be worth watching. I went to go see it first when it was at Cinema 21 and once it came to Century theaters I took my dad to see it for free. We both agree we really haven't seen anything like it before. Daniel Day-Lewis is going to get the Oscar for this one.

    School has started up again. I decided not to continue Organic Chemistry. The teacher wasn't very good and I was starting to hate science. Instead I've switched to Physics. Not a great move either since it's another 2nd year teacher who doesn't know how to teach. He's already started the class over once. I don't have high hopes for learning the subject.

    I've done some weeding through my f-list. If we never talk or you don't update anymore I've taken you off. But if you really want me to add you back, ask.

    ETA: You should watch this, [ profile] mr_utopia_man. This must be how Chemistry feels: Chemistry Made Simple


    Dec. 10th, 2007 04:20 pm
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    Finally updating. The term is almost over so now I have a bit of time on my hands. Christmas presents have been sent out, I've given [ profile] terwashere and [ profile] witmanfade theirs, I have presents ready to give to [ profile] shinjuki71, [ profile] mr_utopia_man, and [ profile] nanao, and all the family's taken care of. I don't think I'll do cards this year, I but I'll send them to anyone who's sent me one if I haven't already sent them a present.

    I am now working and the Century 16 theater by Cedar Hills crossing, which is the main reason why I've been so busy lately. 30 hours of work a week and school does give me much time to do anything else. I'll eventually catch up with my friends list and e-mails, but it may take a while.

    I finally finished watching Blood+. I had some time last week of Thursday, so I sat and watched the last 10 episodes. Yes, I could have been doing other things, but the ball really gets rolling and it's hard to stop.

    Cut for spoilers )

    I have now started a series called Moyashimon which I found out about through [ profile] nenena. The series follows Tadayasu Sawaki, a first-year college student at an agricultural university, who has a unique ability to see and communicate with micro-organisms and bacteria. It's funny and educational at the same time. My favorite microbe so far is Saccharomyces cerevisiae which is in the icon I'm using.

    It's funny, the more I think about Sawaki, the more I'm reminded of Paul Ehrlich. I remember him most for coming up with interesting theories about the microscopic, that could not be confirmed by any microscope at the time, and describing them often by drawing out almost comical pictures of them.

    Cut for a long passage )

    Speaking of microbes, I was at OMSI recently for my dad's company Christmas party and in the gift shop they had a bin full of GIANTmicrobes for $4 each! These had been sitting there for a few months and very picked over so everything had been marked down. I was able to pick up Typhoid Fever, Hepatitis C, Flesh Eating, and two Red Blood Cells, one for me and one for the Red Cross where I volunteer. They now reside with Black Death, Ebola, and E. coli from [ profile] mr_utopia_man on my manga bookshelf.

    That's all I can think of to mention right now. I hope everyone's doing well.
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