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I just looked at my journal and realized it had been about a month and a half, so I should probably right something.

Much of my time has been spent at the theater, putting out fires as I've become the resident expert in how to make the machines work. I have learned so much that I can answer just about any question, even the most obscure. As one coworker remarked as I finished answering a question of how classic supersavers work, where to buy them, and what the best way to use them to get the most bang for his buck, "You know so much. Why the hell are you still here?" Yeah...

I've also spent some time watching movies, usually something I end up doing when I'm sent home early. I'm always looking for new movies that might actually be intellectually stimulating, or at least vaguely interesting. However, these are not usually shown at my theater.

I tend to compare notes with two people who share my similar tastes. One is one of our retired regulars who comes in several times a week. He prefers the art house films and we mostly talk about what we're looking forward to coming out at the Fox Tower theater. The other is my manager Cory. We share similar tastes in just about everything, for intellectual films, to particular actions films, to just plain bad films. I recently told him Oldboy was going to be playing on the big screen at the PAM, to which his reply was, "Oh, shit! When?"

I've ended up seeing quite a few good ones, including a 35 mm print of 8 1/2 and Micmacs. When I asked Cory what he was looking forward to this summer, as most of it looks awful, he said Inception. I have to admit, after seeing the trailer I'm pretty excited to see it. And I'm considering seeing it at our only IMAX theater in the area. Mind you, this is not a true IMAX, and they project it onto a 30 ft screen. That's not any bigger than the screens at the theater I work at, and the standard IMAX screen is usually 60 ft. The reason I want to see it in IMAX format is for the sound. The trailer sounds amazing, but there's a lot of base that you can tell is being cut off, which doesn't happen in IMAX format. I noticed the same thing with the Tron trailers. The place it came out clearest was in IMAX. If you haven't seen the trailer for Inception, I would recommend it. ([ profile] madmarty, I think this is a movie you would like to see.)

Date: 2010-07-12 04:25 pm (UTC)
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Do us a proper review of 'Inception', please - once you see it of course!


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