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Finals week is about to start. I'll be busy with tests and then figuring out PSU stuff. In the mean time, here's a small time waster.

I've had pretty good luck in the past of picking series to read/watch that eventually get licensed. Chi's Sweet Home was a no brainer. With comics like What's Michael, I'm surprised this one wasn't picked up sooner. Zetsubou Sensei, as odd as it is, is very popular, so it wasn't too surprising. Moyashimon was really out of left field. Even though they keep pushing back release dates, as long as they eventually get released, I'm still happy. The next thing I want licensed is Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku.

So as I've told [ profile] mr_utopia_man, this series is awesome. As I saw someone put it recently: "This is one of the reasons I love manga: Because sometimes you just want to watch Koizumi, Putin, Bush Sr., Tymoshenko and the Pope playing Mahjong to decide the fate of the world against the lunar Nazi Empire."

I remember first seeing it over a year ago when Canned Dogs wrote a small entry on it. I've since bought the comics and tried to slowly read through them. Derpscans has been a big help translating most of the books. And now they've released a series of short OVAs.

The first two have been translated: Part 1 Part 2
The third has yet to be translated, but I'll leave you with a few opening images of Papa Bush and Bush Jr.

Bush JrPapa Bush

ETA: Part 3 is up!
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