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Proof that I have been reading when I find a few extra minutes of time.

Sorry [ profile] madmarty, there will not be a midnight of 9 tonight at my theater, or anywhere in the Portland area for that matter. Midnights tend to fall out of style once the school year starts up again. Have fun on your trip.

I hope you had fun at Kumori-con, [ profile] blackjackrocket! I'm sorry I didn't go, but it really ended up being for the best. I went to the doctor soon after talking to you and it seems that my cold had turned into pneumonia. I'm also glad I'm not working for you, [ profile] terwashere, this week as it sounds like I would have just added to your burden. Sorry to hear about your car, [ profile] witmanfade. I don't really like to bike in the rain either.

Yay [ profile] mr_utopia_man for finding an apartment and job! Hope to hear from you again when life settles down. Hope the first week of school was a good one for you, [ profile] nanao.

I'm glad to hear it's started to cool down in Sapporo, [ profile] shinjuki71. And I'm sorry to hear the work load is still pretty bad. Hopefully the roommate and boyfriend are helping you ease your mind a bit.

As for me, I've spent the last week in a sick daze, drugged up on Hydrocodone. I've seen a few interesting movies in the past few weeks, other than the ones on my trip. These consist mainly of Evangelion 1.0, Taxidermia, and Thirst. Evangelion was neat to see on the big screen, Taxidermia was fascinating and horrifying all at the same time, and Thirst's second half descended into an uncontrollable chaos similar to the end of Edward Scissor Hards except this was much more outlandish and harder to believe. On a side note, when I went to go see Evangelion 1.0 at Living Room Theaters, they had [ profile] cessen's Big Buck Bunny on as a sort of pre show to test out the theater system. It was pretty awesome to see it on the big screen.

I'm working through my reading list and just finished The Summer of the Ubume. I really liked it and will most likely buy anything else of his that is translated here. I also caved and bought a DVD of the Mouryou no Hako anime by the same author. His stories are just so good.

Well, it's early, but I'm off to bed.
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